Apparently Hugh Hefner doesn’t talk to all of his Playboy models.

Former Playboy TV host Valerie Baber, current sexuality writer and intimacy coach, was introduced to Hefner years ago at a party. There was one thing about the brunette that stood out to Hefner and he didn’t like it.

“Why isn’t she blonde,” Baber recalls Hefner telling her date.

Afterwards Hefner continued the conversation with Baber’s date, who was a friend of Hefner, as if Baber was even there.

“That’s not the way I wanted to remember Hef but that’s how I remember him,” Baber laughed. “I’m sure he’s nice to other people as long as those people have the right colored hair.”

By Gino Terrell

This article originally appeared in MCXV, published January 28, 2017.


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