Entertainer Ashton Kutcher speaks out against child sex trafficking in a testimony to the senate.

Thorn is a software company devoted to use its technology to resolve issues of child sex trafficking and sextortion. Kutcher, co-founder and chairman of Thorn, told the senate he’s making it his mission to stop child sex trafficking. The father with two girls, a two-year-old and a two-month-old, was shocked to see video footage of a girl the same age as his daughter be raped by an American man as a sex tourist in Cambodia.

“This child was so conditioned by her environment that she thought she was engaging in play,” Kutcher said. “I had to go to sleep every night and think about that little girl.”

Through the use of Thorn, many crimes towards children can be detected online. About 63 percent of child sex trafficking victims were advertised online and 42 percent sextortion victims met perpetrators online, according to Thorn’s survey.

“It is my effort to defend their right to pursue happiness and to ensure a society and government that defends that as well,” Kutcher said.

People can help by donating to Thorn, 100 percent of all donations go toward the programs.

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published February 17 in MCXV.



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