Tyrese wants discussion to continue; Christian pastor meets girlfriend’s transgender son in FOX’s Star

Tyrese Gibson says he wants to hear from fans about his controversial scene in Star.

The Grammy-nominated singer and actor has been posting on social media about how he wants to hear from his fans about his scene in FOX’s new television series Star, where he plays a Christian pastor. He appeared on Wendy Williams’ talk show where he showed a sneak preview of his scene on Star, last month.

Tyrese’s character is a Christian, Pastor Harris, and when he finally meets his love interests, Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah), family he discovers Carlotta’s daughter is really a transgender male. Carlotta then asks Pastor Harris to pray over her son to “pray the gay away.”

“This is a very uncomfortable show to shoot, it’s a very uncomfortable show to watch,” Tyrese told Williams. “A lot of us don’t want to believe that this issue and topic and situation would end up at our house; but we’re living in a new age right now and things could get a little uncomfortable.”

Before the episode aired he went Live on Facebook encouraging viewers to send videos to him discussing the scene with their families.

“I want you to send me video clips of y’all discussing the show and what happens,” Tyrese said on Facebook Live. “What would happen if you’re dating a woman and she tells you to come over to meet her daughter and then you find out her daughter is actually her son, who’s now living as a transgender and you are a Christian man who believes in God. What would you do?”

All episodes can be found on Hulu. Star airs 9p.m. EST Wednesdays on FOX.

By Gino Terrell


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