Stephen A. Smith says OJ Simpson is a “double murderer” and praises ESPN’s documentary for winning an Oscar.

ESPN’s First Take sports analyst Smith chose to celebrate ESPN’s documentary “O.J.: Made in American” Monday, February 27, the night after winning an Academy Award. On his “Final Take” segment he praised the documentary for what he interpreted as a documentary that exposed Simpson.

It revealed “that O.J. Simpson is a double murderer who craved love and idolized white worship  who hated his own kind right up until the moment he needed to ride that love and affection from his own, ‘African American community’ to a not guilty verdict in the trial of the century” Smith said.

Even though Simpson was found “not-guilty” in the double murder case of Nicole Simpson and Rob Goldman, Smith insists he is. Now that Simpson is serving a 33-year sentence for attempting to retain his memorabilia, where he was charged for armed robbery, Smith says he’s getting what he deserves.

“So the bottom line after seeing ‘O.J.: Made in America’ no one should be sad about what has happened to this man,” Smith said. “We should be sad it took us this documentary to highlight [that].”

In response to Smith’s comments on Simpson, social media responded. And for Smith it wasn’t nice.

Photo 1Photo 2Simpson was found guilty of the second crime, however, there is a question as to why he’s been in the slammer for nine years for a crime that would be given a more lenient sentence. If he was sentenced on the basis Smith feels he should be sentenced upon, based on a belief he got off on a crime that he was found by the court not guilty then Simpson has been wronged by the court system’s policy on double jeopardy.


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