The Breaks, must watch television

VH1’s The Breaks season one so far, so good.

The Breaks (2016) TV movie has its first season pick up right where it left Monday, February 20. The movie takes place in 1990 and is about three friends Nikki (Afton Williamson), DeeVee (Mack Wilds) and David (David Call) who aspire to make it in the hip-hop industry. The show brings back the feel and culture of the 90s New York City hip-hop scene and reveals behind the scenes drama surrounding the music business.

TV Movie Review & Synopsis (some spoilers)

Williamson stuns as the relentless Nikki who pushes the envelope to get her foot-in-the-door in the music industry. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer and once she convinces hip-hop mogul Barry Fouray (Wood Harris) of Barry Fouray Management to take a chance on her, it’s only the beginning. Nikki tries to balance her goals of making it in the industry and her social life with her boyfriend David.

Method Man does well playing Darryl Van Patten Sr., the old school father who doesn’t take any mess when his son, DeeVee (Wilds) an aspiring music producer, turns his garage into a music studio. Darryl tells his son he must only record when he’s at work, otherwise he’s not having it with his son blasting music in his garage while he’s home. He’s also not having it with his son collaborating with thugs that gets him mixed up in a whole world of trouble.

DeeVee quit school to become a music producer only to find out from Nikki that the mixtape he spent time working on is “average” at best. He later recruits a thug he’s scared of, named Ahm (Antoine Harris), as an artist to produce music, thinking it maybe his “break” into the industry. Wilds (The Wire & 90210) is sensational as DeeVee, bringing the feel of a thirsty east coast aspiring music producer to life.

Wood Harris (The New Edition Story & Remember the Titans) is definitely a plus for this show and one of the reasons why this shows casting works. From top to bottom the cast in this project is well put together which is all the more reason why this television series is taking off.

What’s to come in the TV Series?

Wilds and Williams appeared on The Wendy Williams show last month talking with Wendy Williams about this projects transition to a weekly TV show.

“[We] were praying that we get something long form like a television show but we were prepared to just deliver the most amazing movie that we possibly could,” Wilds said.

With the series on the way, the show will bring in many guest stars such as Tip “T.I.” Harris.

“We are super close (the cast) now because we have all these awesome guest stars and recurring [characters],” Williams said.

The ceiling is through the roof with The Breaks, a show that has more edge than FOX’s Empire since their early season 2 peak.

Catch The Breaks Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on VH1. Get caught up online at VH1.

By Gino Terrell


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