Tyrese Gibson is working with the FBI, not in a Fast and Furious film but in real life.

The musician and actor with a mansion that literally has a Benihana in his backyard along with a Starbucks, is furious that scammers have been using his name to ask his fans for money. In retaliation, Tyrese is asking fans for leads as he’s working with the FBI to punish these scammers.

Tyrese Facebook Post 1

“Guys I have NEVER and will NEVER contact you via Facebook asking for money – they’re all Frauds!!!!,” Tyrese posted on his verified Facebook account. “This is all fucked up and I can’t tell you how disrespected and violated I feel – I’m telling you now – We are going to seek and find you frauds and fuck your life up…#Tag away let’s get this all done the #FBI awaits the info.”

To capture these scammers Tyrese is asking his fans to #TAG someone who believes they are talking to him. He wants direct emails, phone numbers and accounts of each scammer so he can pass it along to the FBI.

Tyrese Facebook Post 2

“I am very frustrated with people creating FAKE tyrese accounts and messaging my fans and scamming them out of money it’s been going on for years and the FBI is now involved,” Tyrese posted on Facebook. “im so sorry this is happening.”

Tyrese is worth $25 million, according to Forbes, so the fact Tyrese would be asking for money should feel suspicious to those being scammed by fraudulent accounts.

By Gino Terrell


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