Faizon Love tells TMZ what initiated his Tuesday fight that got him arrested.

It all started when the actor and comedian tried to rent a car at an airport Tuesday, March 7 in Columbus, Ohio. After hearing a bogus price for the service, one he knew was incorrect as he had done business with the company in the past, he let the worker have it. Shortly after, the company employee had his friend jump in.

“His buddy starts to chime in and says ‘hey, you can’t talk to him like that or I’ll put hands on you,'” Love told TMZ. “I was about to walk away and then he tried to spit on me…that’s when I was like ‘oh, hell naw.'”

That’s how this fight initiated. 

After getting arrested and having to spend some time in jail, Love is not sorry.

“I wish I could say I was sorry, I feel remorse but sometimes somebody got to get their ass whopped,” Love said. “These kids…they talk crazy to you on Twitter they safe but in life you can’t talk crazy to people, especially to grown folks. You can’t spit on nobody, you can’t do none of that imaginary stuff you do online. You don’t have to respect me, just don’t ever disrespect me or you gone get disrespected back.

“That’s the moral of the day.”

By Gino Terrell

Watch the full fight here.


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