Nicki Minaj responds to Remy Ma, drops 3 tracks

Following Remy Ma’s “shEther,” Nicki Minaj broke her silence with three tracks Thursday.

Minaj’s response to Ma comes 12 days after she was roasted on Ma’s “shEther.” After releasing her three tracks, Minaj posted on Instagram that she operates on “#QueenTime.”

“Queens don’t move on peasant time,” Minaj posted on Instagram.

On “No Frauds” Minaj partnered with Drake and Lil Wayne to get back at Ma, and Minaj dissed her latest album “Plata O Plomo.” She took two lines to do such: “You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’/ What the fuck is this bitch inhalin’?” On that track, she used one verse to respond to Ma referencing how she went to jail for a dispute over money, thus leaving her son. Minaj also attacked Ma on getting plastic surgery.

She went solo on “Regret in Your Tears” and collaborated with Lil Wayne again on “Changed It.”

The rapper also took time to show her gratitude toward her fans via Instagram.

“I love my fans. Y’all the real MVP’s. Been writing my own raps since I was 11. GOD knows. Next week I’ll beat Aretha [Franklin] for the most Hot 100 hits on billboard by ANY woman in the world EVER in the history of music,” Minaj posted on Instagram.

She saved the best for Ma.

“Stay your bum ass in place. Jealousy gets u no where,” Minaj posted on Instagram.

By Gino Terrell


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