After Nicki Minaj’s comeback Remy Ma dropped a one liner on her Instagram.

“Are you dumb?” Ma posted on Instagram.

The climax of this feud between Ma and Minaj hit when Ma dropped “shEther.” Ma’s dis track on Minaj will be taken down from Soundcloud, the radio and Ma won’t even be able to perform the track live because she didn’t get approval from Universal Music, who own the instrumental. After Minaj took 12 days to respond to it, by releasing three tracks Thursday, she’s now challenging Ma to create a hit in 72 hours.

On “shEther,” Ma hit Minaj with a heavy dose of digs. She shared her secret on gathering that information on the Wendy Williams show last week. Fat Joe attested to it.

“We could be friends and I will be cataloging information,” Ma said. “Just in case there’s some chance we get into it one day. If nothing ever happens I never open the file cabinet, but if we do…”

Popularity wise it seems Ma won this battle with her track “shEther,” however, having to take the track down and Minaj posting three songs Thursday may have Minaj out on top when it comes to the business side of the music industry with”No Frauds” selling on iTunes and a clean version of the track that can be played on the radio. However, battle raps aren’t determined by who brings in the most money, it’s settled by who has the juice on the streets.

If Ma steps up to Minaj’s 72-hour challenge she could hands down win this battle. The bar is set high after “shEther” and she has less than 72 hours to make a track as good if not better otherwise, failing to comeback on Minaj’s call out makes this battle a little more closer. After “shEther” does Ma have any more notes in her filing cabinet on Minaj?

Comment who you think won this battle.

By Gino Terrell


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