All felony charges brought to Darrelle Revis have been dropped.

Judges dismissed all charges against Revis Thursday, March 16. Revis was allegedly involved in an altercation with two men February 12 outside a nightclub in Pittsburgh. After the incident Revis was brought up on charges including two counts of aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and a misdemeanor of making terroristic threats.

“A judge exonerated Darrelle Revis from all charges because Darrelle Revis was factually innocent,” Revis attorney Robert Del Greco Jr. told reporters. “There was no reason that these charges should have been brought.”

Six men under intoxication engaged and pursued Revis on the night of the incident, says Del Greco. To prove Revis’ innocence there was video recorded evidence, says Del Greco.

“It clearly indicates that Darrelle Revis was retreating and he was being followed by individuals,” Del Greco said. “Believing that he was going to be jumped he called his childhood friend Rashawn Bolton.”

When Bolton arrived he was saw an individual on the back of Revis and the other on his waist, Del Greco recited Bolton’s testimony. Both individuals attacking Revis were knocked out, with Revis defending himself with the help of Bolton.

“What happen is now in the past and all I can do is move forward,” Revis told NFL network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala.

The incident in Pittsburgh has not discouraged Revis from possibly joining the Steelers, a team that plays in the city 30 minutes away from his hometown Aliquippa.

“As a child I watched the Steelers play and went to a few games…I played here in high school and college so to play there professionally that would be awesome,” Revis said. “Proud to be from here, proud to be a citizen of Pittsburgh, I love the community.”

By Gino Terrell


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