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Derrick Rose praises Chance the Rapper’s $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools

Two famous Chicagoans who only met once share a value in investing in education for the future, by supporting public schools.

Chance the Rapper, Grammy winning music artist, donated $1 million to support Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Tuesday, March 6. This donation came after Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that wiped out $215 million that would have been granted to CPS. Chance’s decision was admirable to current NBA star Derrick Rose, who was born and raised in Chicago and played six seasons with the Chicago Bulls before playing with the New York Knicks this NBA season.

“It’s always great to hear when somebody steps up and takes the challenge…but he’s only one person, he can only do so much,” Rose told reporters Sunday, March 12, before an NBA game. “As far as CPS, it’s a lot that needs to change. For one, financially, that’s one part of it. But…it’s a lack of passion there when it comes to the CPS that everyone needs to be aware of.”

During Chance’s press conference the day of his donation he talked about his meeting with Governor Rauner days before his donation.

“Our talks were unsuccessful,” Chance said. “Governor Rauner still won’t commit to giving our kids a chance without caveats or ultimatums.”

As a result of Governor Rauner’s veto, schools would get out 13 days early and put over 300,000 students in harm’s way, says Chance. Illinois ranks last in the nation for statewide school funding. Doing what he can to help his hometown Chance decided to start with a donation.

“I’m committed to helping Chicago’s children have quality learning experiences…as an artist and an afternoon school teacher I know the arts are essential,” Chance said. “This check that I donated is a call to action. I’m challenging major companies and corporations in Chicago and all throughout the U.S. to donate and to take action.”

For every $100,000 raised social works will donate an additional $10,000 to a specific Chicago public high school or elementary school.

To make a donation, go to the social works website

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By Gino Terrell


Gino Terrell is the Director of Content at Hidden Valley Culture Blog/In-Depth section. Terrell covered local artists and reviewed mainstream shows in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area under the Twin Cities Daily Planet (2014-15). He also freelanced for MinnPost and interned at Pioneer Press, KSTP TV (the Minneapolis ABC News Affiliate) and American Public Media Group. He's accumulated over 30 awards from the Associated Collegiate Press, Society of Professional Journalists and National Association of Black Journalists and founded award winning student-magazine Pipers In-Depth at Hamline University (St. Paul, Minnesota). He was once the sports editor for the school newspaper, The Oracle. Follow him on Twitter: @Gin026

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