Just last week DMX performed during the Ruff Riders 20-year reunion but now he’s headed to rehab.

After canceling a series of performances to postpone his tour, the Yonkers hip-hop artist is going to rehab for medical reasons, according to Fameolous.com. In his latest performance, last Friday, April 21, DMX went on a series of rants during the Ruff Riders reunion show “Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.”

During his performance fans noticed an erratic DMX ranting during a celebration show.

“Don’t expect me to be your fucking role model if I ain’t ya father,” DMX told the crowd. “But you can count on me for the truth…uncut.

“I put my life on that. You can always count on me for what you need to hear, for what needs to be said. Don’t worry about what I’m doing or where I’m going.”

He got poetic before stating that whatever he does is to make him closer to God but said getting closer is harder.

One fan posted on Twitter when DMX tried to recreate Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight.”

One fan in attendance compared DMX’s rants, where he was said to be crying on stage, to Kanye West’s infamous breakdowns on stage.

Now checked in rehab, his family is hoping he gets better.

By Gino Terrell


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