Paola Saulino: “I thank God to have sent me pompa tour”

Pompa tour is a never ending movement and a life changer to Paola Saulino.

The Italian actress who promised to give vote no referendum voters oral sex had set up two legs for her “pompa tour,” where she did just what she promised to 718 men in 22 cities in Italy, says Saulino. Through it all, this was the most meaningful experience in Saulino’s life as it finally gave her a mission, she explained. While wrapping up her two scheduled tours, Saulino doesn’t plan on stopping pompa tour anytime soon.

“My pompa tour is not finished and in my opinion it will never end,” Saulino stated. “Honestly, my pompa tour is a movement.”

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During her pompa tour she ran into controversy during her final stop in Bomarzo on Italy’s women’s day, March 8. Marzia Arcono, Bomarzo’s city council member, called for the event to be banned. This shook up Saulino’s second leg pompa tour finale which forced her to make arrangements to only service eight people.

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Since then and now, Saulino has made some additional stops and is expecting to expand her tour in the following countries: 10 cities in UK, lower Austria where she says she has collaborated with people to make one pompa tour day, seeking US as she’s hoping to tour New York and Los Angeles and a few other stops for political reasons in France, Greece and Turkey.


Through the experience, the 27-year-old actress and activist says “pompa tour” has given her life meaning. Beforehand, I had no mission, Saulino revealed.

“It is strange to say, but pompa tour is the biggest experience in my life. I learn[ed] so many things [and] it helped me to exit from a personal bad situation,” Saulino elaborated. “I appeared happy just because I am young and pretty and I traveled; but I couldn’t express myself. I felt like [I was] in prison.


“I learned that the only thing that counts in my life, is just me. People talk, talk and then they go away from you, and you stay alone; so you need to love yourself. That’s what I learn[ed]…I don’t care about the others that don’t know nothing about my story, about my life, my abuse. Actually, I am free and I’m learning better to know who I am. I am stronger than before and their words don’t hurt me anymore. Nothing can hurt me like in my past and if the pompa tour was necessary for my improving, I thank God to have sent me pompa tour in my life.”

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While Saulino is getting ready to continue pompa tour she’s weary of where her career will take her next. Since going viral, she’s been guest starring at night clubs, continued modeling and keeping fans posted on social media, an area she’s looking to expand in.

“Everything is going almost well but I need to earn some more money, for this reason I often think about porn proposal[s],” Saulino explained.


While Saulino believes in sexual liberty entering the adult industry is something completely different. Viewing her pompa tour as art, the business of adult entertainment is not the same.

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“If I do this, I would do this my way [because] I don’t like the industry, I like art,” Saulino reasoned. “The best [has] not come yet, and I am positive that I will get my happiness because I believe in my energy and I believe in love.”

Watch Paola Saulino discuss her pompa tour here.

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