EA Sports unveiled the cover boy of the longest running sports franchise video game, Madden 18.

Results are in and EA Sports has decided to choose New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to grace the cover of the 29th installment of Madden. Brady will follow after his teammate Rob Gronkowski who graced the cover of Madden 17 after EA Sports eliminated the fan vote that year. Another New England Patriot? YouTuber Super Mario 1990 reacts.

“I’m real disappointed in y’all [EA Sports],” he started off the video. “Do y’all not want me to buy a Madden?

“I find out today y’all grant the cover to Tom Brady. I don’t like him. Once again, I don’t even like the Patriots organization. So I’m asking myself, EA Sports, do y’all not want me to buy another Madden? Do y’all not want me to buy another Madden. That’s all I got to say. I’m out, peace in.”

This YouTuber is even calling ESPN First Take analysts Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to talk about the issue. As for this YouTuber, “he’s not feeling it.”

“Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman. Did the Madden 18 cover boy debate come in yet [on First Take]?” he asked. “I ain’t feeling it. Tom Brady? Wasn’t feeling it. Last year, Gronkowski? Wasn’t feeling it. I ain’t got it last year, I ain’t getting it this year. Next year they need to make the right decision. I’m out.”

While many fans want to see their favorite player Grace the cover of Madden, there is a silver lining for those who are not fans of the cover boy. That’s the Madden curse. The notorious ginx where the athlete featured on Madden gets injured or suffers a poor performance the upcoming season.

But is Brady worried?

Do you agree with EA Sports selection of the cover boy athlete?

By Gino Terrell


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