Floyd Mayweather on Conor McGregor fight: “Everything take time”

Retired undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is still open to returning for one last fight with mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor.

Mayweather, 40, says a fight against McGregor, 28, wouldn’t be as easy as people think. Not only is McGregor younger, as an MMA fighter he’s at his best when he fights on his feet rather than grap’pling, says Mayweather. “Anything can happen in the sport of boxing,” Mayweather said. Just because he’s saying this fight isn’t as easy as some may think, the boxer who’s retired with a 49-0 record is still as confident as ever.

“Remember this…at one particular time they would shout out a certain name. ‘Oh, Floyd Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao. He’s a coward.’ It’s not my fault I made the fight so easy,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports earlier this month, bloviating about the time he defeated Pacquiao after critics criticized the two for taking a while to fight each other.

Just as the fight with Pacquiao took years to come to fruition, this McGregor fight has dragged for months with people anticipating a fight that would bring Mayweather out of retirement. Why the wait?

“Everything takes time. Nothing happens when we want it to happen,” Mayweather said. “The world wasn’t built in a day.”

While Mayweather was the cream of the crop of boxing and McGregor is the number two fighter in MMA, Mayweather cites numbers to explain which sport is superior.

“They say ‘men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t lie,’ right?” Mayweather asked. “So all you guys have to do is look up the numbers of boxing and you look at the numbers of MMA. Then you’ll see who stands at the top.

“I’ve never seen an MMA fighter make $300 million in one night. I never seen it.”

Mayweather even dropped the price down to never seeing an MMA fighter make $50 million off one fight and acknowledges there aren’t legends in MMA as boxing has legends such as Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

However, “you can’t disrespect MMA. That’s one thing I don’t do,” he said. “It’s a contact sport, it’s a brutal sport.”

Through Mayweather’s career he and his “Money Team” have lived by the motto once said on HBO’s 24/7 series: “If it doesn’t make money, then it doesn’t make business sense; and if it doesn’t make business sense then it don’t make sense at all.”

With a possible 50th fight in high demand for Mayweather, who would be going against one of MMA’s most popular fighters, it seems this bout would generate the hundreds of millions of dollars on Mayweather’s end that he typically wouldn’t pass on. So if that’s the case, will there be a Mayweather versus McGregor?

“Me myself and Conor McGregor, if it ever does happen we want to give the world what they want to see,” Mayweather said. “The world wants to see Mayweather/McGregor so if it happens, it happens.”

By Gino Terrell

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