Sports media attempts to tarnish reputation of black fathers, Kristine Leahy vs LaVar Ball

Watch how the media tries to spin a situation to make a black father seem like he’s bad.
LaVar Ball joined “The Herd.” On the show he’s going in knowing that journalist Kristine Leahy said “I would never wear a Big Baller shirt,” and that sports journalist Jason Whitlock has not been a supporting critic of him. He knows what these particular journalist have said about him when he’s not in the studio.
While LaVar was talking the Big Baller Brand host Colin Cowherd asked if he sold any shoes, which cost $495. Yes, a good amount to me, LaVar responded.
“How many,” Leahy interrupted.
If Michael Jordan was on the show do you think Leahy would ask how many pairs of Air Jordan’s he sold? Hearing the question from a journalist whose been critical of the newly found Big Baller Brand sparked this response.
“Stay in your lane,” LaVar said, (for those that don’t know: that’s black for stay out of grown folks business, in this case anyone who doesn’t work for the Big Baller Brand).

If LaVar asked how much Leahy makes each paycheck or how many offers she’s received to work for other networks, wouldn’t that spark her to tell LaVar to stay in his lane? After all that’s an intrusive question.

While the interview went on LaVar told Cowell he’d only speak to him. Leahy asked what his problem with her is, maybe she thought her critical comments about LaVar and his business would somehow be swept under the rug?

“You are a hater, ‘I would never wear a Big Baller shirt’” LaVar cited Leahy’s past comments. “With all due respect you are a great reporter, just not reporting on me.”

He’s acknowledging that Leahy is biased towards him and his brand but still said she’s a great reporter when it comes to other topics.

After he called her out, she tried to clean up her message saying it’s not appealing to women.

On air LaVar threw shade at Whitlock, another critic of the Ball’s family.

“I don’t think he could comment on anything accept for snacks,” LaVar said. When told he was harsh by the host, he replied: “it’s going to be harsh because he’s harsh on me.”

So it’s harsh when LaVar throws a personal shot to a journalists who’s been harsh to him and many other sports figures?

While he was still talking Leahy kept interrupting him when he tried to elaborate on Whitlock. She tried to throw claims out that he was disrespectful and specially against women.

“If you act like that, guess what, something bad is going to happen to you,” LaVar said.

Haven’t you heard of the “golden rule” and karma? Leahy has been in the studio talking down about LaVar and his brand, before his arrival, which would warrant bad karma. Throughout the interview on “The Herd” she continued to push by making accusations suggesting he doesn’t like women, he’s disrespectful and afterwards played victim (seen in video below).

She can lie to the public and say that LaVar has a dark side, will ruin his son’s career and made a serious threat to her, but she knows what she’s doing and by continuing to play victim “something bad will happen to her.”
That’s not LaVar talking, that’s generally how karma works.


Gino Terrell is the Director of Content at Hidden Valley Culture Blog/In-Depth section. Terrell covered local artists and reviewed mainstream shows in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area under the Twin Cities Daily Planet (2014-15). He also freelanced for MinnPost and interned at Pioneer Press, KSTP TV (the Minneapolis ABC News Affiliate) and American Public Media Group. He's accumulated over 30 awards from the Associated Collegiate Press, Society of Professional Journalists and National Association of Black Journalists and founded award winning student-magazine Pipers In-Depth at Hamline University (St. Paul, Minnesota). He was once the sports editor for the school newspaper, The Oracle. Follow him on Twitter: @Gin026

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