Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant took a three point shot in the final minute of the 2017 NBA Finals that’s taken control of the series.

In game three of the NBA Finals the Cleveland Cavaliers blew a late lead on their home court. Durant’s go-ahead shot in the final minute of the showdown helped the Warriors seal the deal, 118-113, to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the NBA Finals Thursday. The franchise has won a record 15-straight postseason games and is within one win from being the first ever NBA team to go unbeaten in the post season.

After the game Cavaliers shooting guard made a bold prediction on Twitter.

“Cavs in 7,” JR Smith posted on Twitter. He later claimed that he was in the shower, away from the phone when his verified Twitter account posted this. Although this came from his account, Smith claims to have never posted that message.

Cavaliers were the first ever NBA team to comeback and win an NBA Finals after being down 1-3 in 2016. After facing an elimination game in game four Friday, the Cavaliers won 137-116. They now find themselves down 3-1, this years Warriors presents a much greater challenge with the addition of the 2014 NBA MVP in Durant. If the Cavaliers were to successfully overcome this 0-3 deficit, this would be the greatest comeback in NBA history.

Smith is in good company playing with the best player in the world who pulled off the biggest comeback last year. With an even bigger comeback ahead of him in 2017, LeBron “King” James could pull off another, more epic comeback that would put him right back in the conversation of the being NBA’s G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time), over Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

“I’m chasing the ghost,” James said after last seasons NBA Finals win.

By Gino Terrell

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