Adult actress Alura Jenson: The biggest freaks are in “Air Force”

For one adult actress she’s had some of her wildest, most freakiest experiences in the military.

Adult actress Alura Jenson talks how some the biggest freaks are in the military and shares her favorite scene partners. She also opens up about how she’s stayed clean as an adult actress, while some of her counterparts couldn’t resist falling into drug addictions.

When she left home for the military she explored her freedom when she realized no one could tell her what to do.

“I went buck wild,” Jenson said, referring to when she joined the military. “Had my first gang bang a month after boot camp.”





She transferred from Navy, when messin’ around with too many partners started becoming a problem, to Air Force before learning it was even worse there.

“People in the Air Force are freaks,” Jenson said.

Cheating and an endless swinging culture is apparently how they get down, Jenson says.

When she became a dancer she fell into a habit where she slept with everyone she danced for.

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“I loved it. Having sex with random strangers I’d never see again,” Jenson laughed.

Then she later thought “Oh, God! I could actually die doing this,” Jenson said.

So then she switched over to the adult industry. Shooting her first scene with Lucas Stone, a film that wasn’t released until three years later, Jenson admits she was nervous.

“I was terrified. Not because of what I was doing, I was afraid I was going to look stupid,” Jenson laughed. “The sex during the scene was extremely painful” because Stone was significantly larger in an area that Jenson never experienced in her life until that point.


The three-year release delay was worth the wait for Jenson’s fans.

“People went nuts,” Jenson said.

While no two days are ever the same when she works, she does have her favorites to work with. They are the ones she finds charming and, on a rare case, those who may be bigger than the plus size actress herself.

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Karlo Karrera made Jenson’s list.

“If I was single,” Jenson laughed. “He was electric from when I first met him on set till the time I wiped his giz off my face.”

Mandingo also made her list.

“He was so easy to be around,” Jenson said.

One who wasn’t quite as easy but Jenson loved how intense he was, none other than the one she calls a Hall of Famer, Christian XXX.

“I usually tolerate his bullshit,” Jenson laughed.

While Jenson has had her share of fun on set and with different actors, part of the reason why is how she’s been able to stay clean off set.

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The subject of her having to leave for a porn shoot or asking children what she should wear may have been a topic she openly discussed with her three kids, she doesn’t expose them to the dark side of the industry. A side of the industry that has translated for some, the use of drugs such as cocaine or heroine. Marijuana, forget about it, about 99.9 percent of the performers Jenson knows smokes while she stays clean.

“I don’t bring my work home” like other stars have, Jenson said.

The only time she has is when she had done live camera shows, which Jenson despises because she doesn’t like being told what to do.

“It made me angry, it brought out the east coast in me,” Jenson said.

Whether it was a guy bringing his girlfriend on set, a “no no” in the industry, or one male star going off and breaking Julie Cash’s nose, Jenson has her share of wild memories being in the industry since 2011.

With no plans to go any where, fans will now see her with in an upgraded cup size as she’s got implants going from a size 34H cup to a 38JJ.

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“TNT is back in action!” Jenson posted on Instagram after her recovery.

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