Demi Lovato receives some good news before the release of her album “Tell Me You Love Me” this upcoming Friday.

Lovato, who was diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder called “bipolar depression,” has been an advocate for people dealing with mental health as she is. Lovato has also been passionately helping children whether it was speaking up on their behalf advocating against President Donald Trump’s plans to end DACA or last fall traveling to Kurdistan to visit one of the world’s biggest refugee camps looking to help displaced families.

Global Citizen has named Lovato their official ambassador for mental health, Lovato shared Sunday via Twitter.

“I will be able to further my work around some of the issues I deeply care about as it relates to mental health and well-being around the world,” Lovato said in statement.

In effort to assist children who have been displaced in Iraq, “Save the Children’s Heart” program will be brought to them this year, Lovato shared. This program offers healing, psychological support and basic education through arts.

Helping displaced families has become dear to Lovato’s heart during her visit in Kurdistan. She met a young girl who’s only wish was to be “happy.”

“The trauma that displaced families and children all around the world feel from losing not only their homes, but also some of the people closets to them, is unfathomable and has long lasting impacts,” Lovato said. “My hope is that this program can bring [a] bit of comfort to those who need the most. This isn’t about politics or race or religion. It’s simply about humanity and protection one another.”

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By Gino Terrell

Originally published in MCXV.


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