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Demi Lovato talks having #1 album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ in 36 countries

Tell Me You Love Me” is iTunes no. 1 album across 36 countries.

“It was insane,” the ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ singer Demi Lovato said of her album’s success Thursday on NBC’s “The Today Show.” “You hope for the best when you release an album [and] I just wanted to release music that I was proud of so it was awesome.”

Album “Tell Me You Love Me” dropped last Friday, September 29. This was an album that took a year-and-a-half to finish, Lovato revealed. Her recent hit “Sorry, Not Sorry” is now her 10th platinum song. Her journey to create this album has been documented.

“I’ve always been open with my fans,” Lovato said. “This documentary is important to me because I get to show them an inside look of what my life is like, personally and professionally; so they get to see my life and the making of the album.”

Creating the album the tracks she’s assembled is very personal to her life. Her track “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” is about her drug addiction. Being open with the world is her way of helping others learn from her, Lovato revealed in an interview last month on Radio Show’s Music & Mimosas.

“I actually am choosing to be a role model because I have a younger sister,” Lovato said. “I make sure that I’m outspoken for the things that I believe in, that I’m passionate for things that I believe in like my advocacy work for mental health.

“I think its important that everybody realizes that when they’re in my position, you know, in front of people in the public eye, if you have a platform, use it…otherwise its just a very narcissistic career to choose.”

The star also revealed she now co-owns the treatment center that helped her get sober five years ago called CAST Centers. Just last month Lovato was named the Mental Health Ambassador by Global Citizen.

Lovato’s documentary “Simply Complicated” will release Oct. 17 on YouTube.

Read about Demi Lovato’s plans as Global Citizen’s Mental Health Ambassador.

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV.


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