Real Housewives of Potomac star Charrisse Jackson Jordan talks challenges, inspiring reality TV audience

Everything happens for a reason is a lesson Charrisse Jackson Jordan has learned with age, she says.

Currently starring in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac she was requested to join the cast because of all the work she had done as a basketball wife. Married to Eddie Jordan, former NBA player and Washington Wizards head coach, Charrisse was busy doing work within National Basketball Wives Association. There, as president of Behind the Bench, she helped raise millions of dollars for charity and nonprofit organizations such as Knock Out Abuse Against Women, Men Against Breast Cancer and N Street Village among others.

Charrisse Jordan Jackson
Charrisse Jordan Jackson (courtesy of Coleman Entertainment Group)

While she was making a name for herself she was asked to join the cast of Real Housewives of D.C. However, she declined when her husband didn’t approve. When Potomac came around she helped cast the show which brought her to that opportunity when they said “you’re like the glue to the project.”

When she broke the news that she’d be joining the series her husband Eddie said they would probably divorce.

“That was like woh,” Charrisse said.

While going forward with the project has led her into a midst of a divorce she’s using her opportunity to inspire people who watch the show. But it does come with a challenge. She realizes her true image is not going to be reflected. The positive woman who raises her son and daughter and doesn’t even like drama understands that’s not the side networks want to display as drama is seen as the tool to drive reality television.

“Its like a cat and mouse thing,” Charrisse said. I’m really the “voice of reason…I’m not a negative person.”

Being comfortable with who she really is helps her through this process.

When it comes to Charrisse, the person, she believes it boils down to three traits which are spiritual, empathetic and kind-hearted. These traits and values are things she’s picked up growing up in Somerset, New Jersey.

Charrisse Upbringing

Growing up as the youngest of eight she received a lot of attention with her siblings like additional parents to her. This upbringing showed her what it’s like to be spoiled. Throw in five older brothers she’s picked up a thing or two for them as well.

“Lets just say I know how to get myself out of a jam,” Charrisse said.

Not only did she learn how to defend herself from her brothers she also discovered she was a good sprinter as that trait ran in the family with her brother on cross country. She was so good that in middle school she could compete against high school girls in track. But when it came to competition she found her joy in cheerleading and it just so happened that when she became a mother she’d coach her daughter’s cheer squad.

Always doing well in school she also took initiative to learn beyond the classroom setting exposing herself to learn what it’s like to run a business through Future Leaders of America before going off to college at Morgan State University.

Eddie Jordan

Before Eddie became an NBA player Charrisse knew him when he was a “broke” college student, Charrisse says. He was a friend of her brothers. The two met each other at her family’s home and when crushing on Eddie she found out he was married. Charrisse always told herself there’s three no’s when it came to whom she dated. They couldn’t have children, be a professional sports player or have been married. But when Eddie separated from his wife all three of what she thought were “three no’s” went out the window.

As a child I been able to adapt to all people, Charrisse said.

And while having to being immersed in the NBA culture was a “nightmare,” with having to travel and move around, she was able to make the most of it using her platform for charity. Above all, she’s enjoyed motherhood raising her children Jackson and Skylar.


“My kids are amazing. I have the worlds greatest kids,” she said. “Two very strong, intelligent great kids people would love to have.”

What’s Next?

Charrisse will continue to stay involved in her community whether its charity work or serving as a judge for Miss New Jersey USA pageant. With Real Housewives of Potomac continuing on Bravo pinpointing what the show will reveal about her is difficult.

“Things get edited. You don’t know what it looks like when it comes out,” she said.

With that said, she most definitely wants people to tune in and no matter what footage is making the cut she’s the same person she’s always been whether its raising her children or helping many through her leadership and charity work.

“I’m a good person doing good things,” she said.

By Gino Terrell

Originally published in MCXV.


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