Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled stroll through Los Angeles.

Celebrating the launch of their 2018 tour together Lovato and DJ Khaled performed at a parade at The Grove in Los Angeles, Thursday. Tickets officially have gone on sale for their tour Thursday.

“Get ready for the biggest tour ever,” DJ Khaled said.

“Sometimes you gotta ride through @thegrovela with a marching band & @djkhaled ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Get tour tickets at!! #demixkhaled,” Lovato tweeted Friday.

The two hopped on Facebook Live Friday to engage with their fans.

Performing a ballad in “You Don’t Do It for Me Anymore,” is something Lovato says she’s looking forward to doing. For DJ Khaled, the energy he’ll bring will be reminiscent of a New Year’s Eve performance tinged party feel, he said.

“There’s going to be a lot of surprises. You got Demi and Khaled, whose ever idea this was they a genius,” DJ Khaled said.

After touring with DJ Khaled Lovato will be headed to Europe to perform and official dates will be released soon, Lovato said.

“Its a top, top priority for me,” Lovato said.

Their official tour begins February 26 next calendar year.

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By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV.


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