Tyrese claps back.

When Tyrese publicly shared on his social media accounts that he hadn’t seen his daugther in nearly two months he was ridiculed by many entertainers for crying in his video. He faced criticism and had other comedians take his situation lightly in the following posts he made about fighting for custody for his daughter Shayla. One comedian who threw shade at that time was Michael Blackson and through his skit video he made it known his situation was not funny.

*Viewer discretion is advised as this video uses profanity

“S–t is real funny til it ain’t funny no more.. you disrespect my daughter, a problem is on your hands that won’t go away Michael Blackson #InvisibleBully,” Tyrese posted the text along with his video on Facebook, Monday.

In the video he has Blackston’s hands taped together, mouth covered up and has him on the couch in only his boxers. Before showering body oil on him and having his muscle spread it across Blackson because he was ashy, Tyrese reiterated why he had created the video.

“Where’s the Instagram videos now? You catch me going through some personal s–t with my daughter. At what point was you going to say you doing too much. How you go be on my back on some funny [expletive] while I’m going through a tragedy. You think that s–t funny…do you got kids?” Tyrese said in the video.

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By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV.



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