When Cam Newton breaks free he’s very resourceful when it comes to knowing his surroundings.

Newton still couldn’t prove his friend wrong who claims Newton doesn’t have what it takes to score on a 50 plus yard run. After his 62-yard break away against Minnesota Vikings late in the fourth quarter Sunday he received a text from his friend once again, Newton confirmed during the post game press conference.

“I’m so disappointed in myself,” Newton said. “I felt like I could have wheeled this one in but there’s some fast guys in the NFL.”

But by not scoring it helped better his team’s chances of winning as Panthers forced Vikings to burn two of their timeouts.

“It was very strategic now when I think back because if I would have scored they (Vikings) would have had all of their timeouts,” Newton said.

On the run Newton could tell how many defenders were near him. He revealed there’s a variety of sources he uses when he’s in those situations.

“I use all elements that’s giving to me. The JumboTron, people’s reactions, the crowd noise, teammates screaming, it doesn’t matter,” Newton said. “I was just happy to be able to have a little crease and protect the football at the same time.”

Perhaps Newton’s friend can continue with his theory but Newton is determined to one day prove him wrong.

“Its coming,” Newton said.

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By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV December 14, 2017.


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