Cam Newton has made it one of his goals to break for a 50 plus yard rushing touchdown.

Newton will be happy with the team’s 31-24 win against NFC’s best Minnesota Vikings. However, one play that will probably stick with him is his 62-yard break away run where he was stopped eight yards away from a touchdown during his game-winning drive. The reason being is because a close friend of his has been jinxing him for years.

Week 10 when Newton had his NFC Player of the Week performance on Monday Night Football he talked about the jinx after he was caught on a 69-yard break away before reaching the end zone.

He “has been jinxing me for years. He said that I don’t have in my repertoire, or skill set, to break for a 50 plus yard [rushing] touchdown,” Newton said after that week 10 game.

As soon as he got to his locker room he received a text from his friend basically saying “I told you so.”

“There wasn’t enough explicit emoji’s in my options to send him because he was right,” Newton said.

Sure enough he’s probably going to be receiving another one of those text’s after his run against the Vikings.

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV December 10, 2017.


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