Ron Rivera rocks Cam Newton brimless hat shirt

Ron Rivera barrows a little sauce from Cam Newton.

Panthers head coach Rivera sported a long sleeve shirt with Newton’s face plastered on it during Wednesday’s press conference. The image of Newton was of him wearing his infamous brimless hat that he wore during a postgame press conference after Panthers defeated Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago.

Ron Rivera rocks a Cam Newton brimless hat t-shirt during Wednesday’s press conference (courtesy of Carolina Panthers Twitter account)

Ron Rivera t-shirt Ron Rivera rocks a Cam Newton brimless hat t-shirt during Wednesday’s press conference (courtesy of Carolina Panthers Twitter account)
Newton said then the look was inspired by Andre “3,000” Benjamin when he saw images of him in G.Q. Benjamin is one of Newton’s favorite music artist as he’s from his hometown Atlanta, Newton said.

“I done used drip, sauce, swag. I ain’t want to wear something that everybody done seen a lot,” Newton said of his attire that day. “I’mma give credit where credit is due. I was reading a G.Q. magazine and one of my favorite artist…Andre 3,000…I seen the pictures and I sent them to my plug, shout out to Berto.

“He had a brimless hat. I had never seen that. I look at NBA, NFL, baseball, ain’t nobody seen no brimless hat so I wanted to put the first one behind the scenes with the brimless hat so you seen it here first. Cam Newton, brimless hat, drip.”

After last Wednesday’s practice both Rivera and Newton sported the same t-shirt during their press conferences wearing one with Greg Olsen plastered on it. It read “Vote for Greg Olsen. Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year” to support Olsen as he’s the representative for Carolina Panthers this year for the honor.

This week Rivera rocked the shirt with Newton in honor of what he did earlier this week when he played Santa giving back to children at a local school.

“Its a cool t-shirt…its really just a celebration of Santa Cam. Last night he went out and delivered over $100,000 worth of stuff to needy and deserving folks,” Rivera said Wednesday.

While Rivera rocked the shirt with Newton, Newton wore one for his daughter Chosen.

“Chosen, Happy Birthday” it read with a cake on sneakers and two arms pointing at her name with a #2 candle lit.

While Panthers are focused on a Super Bowl run both Rivera and Newton are staying loose and having a little fun. Typically, when Newton is having fun that’s when he’s at his best. No greater example than his 2015 MVP season when he dabbed his way to 45 total touchdowns that season and led Panthers to win an NFC Championship.

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in MCXV December 20, 2017.


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