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The “invisible” power differentiation

Without being fully aware of it, I’ve unconsciously noticed or had an understanding of the unbalanced power between male and female in our species since I was a little girl (I believe we all have). In our society I’ve always seen men disrespect women and being childish and rude without consequences. Even as tiny elementary kids they got away with way more than girls. A teacher could see clear as day that boys bullied a girl, and not do anything about it. All around the world it is a common understanding that girls are “less of a creature”. If we are to be respected we have to be perfect and classy but still fierce and bold, but still silent and sweet. Still, we’re unworthy at the end of the day. God forbid we choose not to participate in society’s rules for us, because society will kick you out and shame you to death.

Growing up I was a wallflower, I didn’t say much but I observed everything around me. In every conflict between male and female that I’ve ever seen, the woman looses her power. Men have nothing to lose by using every manipulation tool and insult possible to win the argument. Women definitely do! Before this conflict appeared, the woman has gone through harassment time and time again. A whole society telling her that she’s not good enough in a thousand different ways. In addition, imagine all the men that have violated her up until that point of time. On the other side, you have a man with a whole society behind his back boosting his confidence. Governments all over the world have basically created a planet in his advantage. Women feel this on their body every day. An argument between two individuals of the opposite gender is rarely about the two, it’s about so much more. I might sound crazy for saying this, but it’s like women feel the history of gender inequality while trying to speak up for themselves. Just like the glass ceiling that’s talked about in careers.

I dance a lot in my free time and I’ve learned that the more you do a certain move, the better your muscles remember. The same goes for your being. If you’ve been shamed and violated, your whole being remembers and you’ll feel it every time you think about speaking up. Don’t make your body remember every time you silenced yourself. You might lose the argument if you speak up, but if you fought with all you had until it was over, you’ve trained your “respect me – muscle”. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s the most important muscle you have as a woman. I try to feed it every time I have the chance. It will, for a fact, benefit you and all your sisters watching.


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  • Cecci

    The words you write gives meaning as I read them, and I agree… Sadly we are stamped as the weaker gender. But not all men are looking down at us tho 😉

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