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I can’t be the only one that has started to question romantic relationships and their meaning to ones life. There’s so many rules and expectations. It also seems to me that everybody feels the need to have an opinion about them and how they should coordinate. Why do you feel that you have the right to say anything about anyone’s relationship, and who made those rules in the first place?

Relationships are definitely fragile, and deciding to go all in for one is risky. You could wake up one day after 5 years together with a person and feel nothing for him/her anymore. You could be cheated on, lied to, and/or eventually be abused one way or another. Also, chances of growing apart from one another is rather big.

Me and a friend of mine talked about this subject the other day, and she told me that the statistics of open relationships are higher today than they’ve ever been. I am not surprised. I think people let themselves be more open to experimenting new things and go against the old fashioned way. Again, who said a relationship has to be this or that?

People should absolutely be able to take their own decisions based on who the two are, without any worries of judgement. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to have an open relationship, but I wouldn’t want people to feel like they have a right to know about or judge it either. We are in a new age, and ownership over one another is drying out. For example, I would never ever get married. For me it takes the fun and vibrant vibe away from the relationship to make it about business, and it’s boring. I would feel strangled, because now I’ve promised my whole life away and if my partner suddenly changes for some reason, cheats or becomes violent it’s harder for me to get away from him. I have to see him more than necessary after the breakup and the damage would automatically expand by at least 60%.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. You might end up with 2-7 important partners throughout your life that all form and shape you. You don’t have to cling to one person forever and feel unease most of the time. Many do it out of security and expectations. Expectations by who exactly? You? society? parents? friends? Thereafter, have a bad divorce where you both argue over money, kids and all else between heaven and earth.

You might see pictures of old couples that stayed together throughout their whole life, but that doesn’t mean they were both happy about it. Especially men back in the days weren’t exactly rainbows and butterflies. There was more abuse, addiction and violence within closed doors back then than it is now. The reason they stayed together was most likely because it was much harder for women to get out of a relationship due to money, society, jobs, kids etc. Just because you see and old couple in a photo smiling doesn’t mean that they are “goals”, you know nothing.

Regardless, I believe that in the future we’ll see more people live and let live, and I love it!


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