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Adversity slayer Juliana Hale lives out her musical dreams

Friday the 13th isn’t bad luck for Juliana Hale.

On her Friday the 13th she’s attending a wedding, getting a tattoo to commemorate the day and doing a Twitter takeover for CelebMix. This all comes on the same day she releases her second music video “Overrated.” The single dropped in January and will be one of four tracks included on her EP “Small Talk” that is to be released May 11 (presale begins Monday, April 16). Filmed on location in Las Vegas her latest music video shows off the fun side of her “organic pop music” while keeping it something she feels people of all ages can enjoy.

“Its not about sex or drugs or any of those things I don’t believe in,” Hale said. “Its uplifting music younger kids can look up to and even people my age…clean but fun.”

Juliana Hale
Juliana Hale on the red carpet at Super Bowl LII pregame party 2018 “Leather & Laces” in Minneapolis (photo: Gino Terrell Photography).

While Hale is enjoying the rise of her music career the happy-go-lucky Californian that admittedly laughs at her own jokes often counts her blessings. She does so because she remembers a time where her number one hobby was taken away from her. And that was singing.

As a high schooler she began having instances where she’d burp 12 times a minute and was in and out of hospitals. She was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption and had to get rid of her gallbladder. Throughout the two year sickness her vocal cords were wrecked.

“It was tough. I couldn’t sing as much as I wanted,” Hale said.

For Hale, she was in love with music ever since she was a little girl singing in talent shows. As she got older she began playing the guitar in the fourth grade. When her parents divorced, as a fifth grader, she began writing music to help her cope through the situation. With her music and her voice being a big part of who she is she didn’t allow the sickness to take away her joy. In fact, she now looks back at her illness as a blessing.

During that time she continued to play instruments and wrote hundreds of songs. By the time she was able to sing again she had to relearn her range and noticed her voice had a special rasp to it. It was “deeper and powerful,” she said. My voice was “not necessarily as unique” before then,  she added. Having seen the aftermath of her illness she encourages others to not let adversity they face keep them down.

“Try to find the silver lining,” Hale said. “God has a plan for everyone. Everything happens for a reason.”

After coming out of her sickness with a voice better than ever she’s keeping busy doing what she loves. As a child who attended every Taylor Swift concert she could, Hale is now the one on the stage performing in all sorts of events. This past Super Bowl she performed in Minneapolis at “Leather & Laces,” an annual pregame Super Bowl party hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, sharing the spotlight on stage with Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus and DJ Automatic. Next weekend she’ll be in Athens, Ohio performing two nights at “Number Fest” with Marshmello and Lil Uzi Vert.

No matter how busy she gets she’s always supported and surrounded by family members. A group she calls “great role models” with both her mom and step-father owning their own business and her “bff” sister who’s enrolled in pharmacy school. Hale can depend on her sister to listen to her work with her mom serving as a secondary manager and her step-dad being the roadie.

With her upcoming EP she’s lined up tracks that cover a portion of her personal life as writing music is her way to “journal through life.” Her track “Anthem” tells a story where she went through an unfortunate month last calendar year where she was hit by a semi-truck that knocked a tooth out and broke her finger. All that was going on while she was going through a breakup.

“I don’t like keeping all that bottled up inside,” Hale said.

Anticipating the release of “Small Talk” Hale is happy to have teamed up with producer Skidd Mills, Grammy Award winner, and recording artist Billy Dawson, Independent Music Award winner.

“Everyone who lays their ear on this record is going to love it,” Dawson said in a testimonial quote. “World get ready for JH.”

By Gino Terrell

This article was originally published in Creative Unity.


Gino Terrell is the Director of Content at Hidden Valley Culture Blog/In-Depth section. Terrell covered local artists and reviewed mainstream shows in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area under the Twin Cities Daily Planet (2014-15). He also freelanced for MinnPost and interned at Pioneer Press, KSTP TV (the Minneapolis ABC News Affiliate) and American Public Media Group. He's accumulated over 30 awards from the Associated Collegiate Press, Society of Professional Journalists and National Association of Black Journalists and founded award winning student-magazine Pipers In-Depth at Hamline University (St. Paul, Minnesota). He was once the sports editor for the school newspaper, The Oracle. Follow him on Twitter: @Gin026

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