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“Extreme” women

In today’s society we’ve seen some women become more and more “obnoxious”, “loud” and “extreme” in their behavior (according to society). Especially when it comes to subjects as sex, clothing and social norms as we know them. We’ve all witnessed that being bold has it’s price. They’re receiving strong reactions from the public, some positive but mostly negative. It seems like name calling and slut shaming is a part of their daily life – something they had to get used to.

Amber Rose and Gloria Allred are two of those who’ve gotten a lot of hate and less support on their choice of lifestyle (at least in the beginning). They came as they were and they didn’t change for anybody after getting famous. Amber Rose plays on the role society gave her as a slut, to show that there is no shame in being sexually liberated. She uses her body and voice shamelessly, to show women that they can be and do whatever they want.

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On the other hand, Gloria has been more verbally strong and unapologetic.  She’s the most famous woman attorney in America, helping women for 30 years. She’s had a strong and tough facade. I use these two as an example because they’ve been seen as very extreme according to society and their journey has been bumpy. Regardless, they’ve made changes for women and helped us live better and safer lives. I love Amber and Gloria for fighting an important battle and not ever giving up even when more people were against them than for them.

The world that we know of isn’t used to women being free and carelessly themselves, therefore the ones in the front dragging the feminist train receives the strongest reactions. People aren’t used to it, and humans often feel the need to belittle those who are original and provocative. Change is uncomfortable, and people prefer comfy, especially when it’s something that doesn’t benefit them (eh men). I believe that even those who are “extreme”or “over the top” benefits us women because they are our heavyweights in gaining balance between the genders. Someone has to go to those measures in order to normalize us being just as expressive as males. When you see someone going that far, what you thought was far isn’t that far anymore. Personally, I’ve never seen any women and thought they where too much or anywhere near extreme to be honest. Let’s just agree that we need all feminists and confident women, no matter their choice of style.


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