Justin Mabrie tells his two forms of therapy; writing and bungee jumping

Justin Mabrie
Justin Mabrie

Soaring through the air, with a parachute attached, overseeing mountains is more than just a hobby for Justin Mabrie.

“You are in the element. I love seeing mountains…that’s another form of therapy,” Mabrie said about his love for extreme sports when it comes to skydiving and bungee jumping.

When he says another form of therapy the other form he is referring to is writing. The model and actor has been writing for years about relationships starting with bi-weekly columns for newspapers in Florida and Houston and later to national and international publications. So how did it start?

After graduating from college at Hampton University he returned back to his hometown Houston. While dating a bunch of women at the time a friend recommended that he should try to write about his experiences. That person had ties to a publication in Florida where he first wrote bi-weekly columns on relationships. When it became a hit he went on to write for more publications.

“I write on what I feel I experienced and not just a thought grounded on assumptions,” Mabrie said.

What people from outside his circle was gravitating towards was his perspective on relationships. This is one he formed through seeing interactions between his parents, who divorced, and his personal experiences dating.

“So much of it is hindsight,” Mabrie said. When he first started writing he got good reactions from older generations. “I knew I had something to say and wanted to share it.”

Mabrie has something to say about three stages of relationships which are the following: currently dating, in a relationship and after a relationship. However, he doesn’t write on marriage because it’s something he personally has not experienced.

“I write on what I feel I experienced and not just a thought grounded on [assumption],” Mabrie said.

While doing this writing it helped him analyze relationships he was in. While meeting his deadlines he’d sometimes write about situations he and his partner gone through a week or so afterwards and doing so helped him thoroughly reflect on those situations. When reflecting upon it he saw things he didn’t see when he was in the moment. This is why he says so much of learning about relationships is hindsight.

Expanding on his writing where he’d write advice columns he later added poetry to his repertoire.

“Now days people like to read in snap shots,” Mabrie said.

Through poetry he’s written a few articles. And even when writing his columns he makes sure to use one-liners to convey the message or lesson through his piece. Mainly through his columns he tells people there are two cornerstones to a healthy relationship which is intentional communication and desire to learn about their partner.

Describing himself as “reflective, encouraging and steadfast,” it’s no wonder why his columns have become a hit with his readers. He’s now taking his writing to the next level working on a book titled “Relationship Waves” where excerpts can be found on the book’s Instagram page.

By Gino Terrell

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