Timeless and multi-talented Keith Robinson shares Hollywood journey

“Dreamgirls,” “This Christmas,” “Fat Albert,” “Get on Up,” and “All Eyes On Me,” are timeless films where you’ll see Keith Robinson’s name appear during the credits as a cast member.

Is there a secret to how he’s been able to score quality roles in these films?

“I just been lucky. It’s a blessing,” Robinson said. “Lending yourself to those opportunities, perfecting your craft. There’s no rhyme or reason, a lot is out of your control.”

Keith Robinson

But there’s one thing he can control and that is his attitude. Describing himself as “creative, resilient and focused” those traits have helped him navigate through Hollywood.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Robinson said. “You want to create a body of work that last [as a] career artist, not just be a flavor of the month.”

Currently starring in Bounce TV’s most watched program “Saints & Sinners” the third season is airing Sundays. He’s also wrapped up acting in a film titled “GangLand” that stars Wood Harris, Clifton Powell and Tamar Braxton. The film is a cross between West Side Story and Menace II Society, says Robinson, who is anticipating its release on Netflix.

“The storyline is so layered,” he said of the film.

While Robinson always lends his talents towards acting he’s always stayed in touch with his first love which is music.

Growing up listening to his mother sing and hearing the tunes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder playing throughout the house he has always taken a liking towards R&B.

“It came naturally,” Robinson said.

When he and two college buddies formed a music group they struck a deal with Motown. But after two tracks, Robinson bolted to Los Angeles when they got out of their agreement with Motown. In Los Angeles is where he found his love for acting as it was a different experience.

“I love the movement. Doing so many things,” he said. “Film…puts you in a different world.”

While acting he found ways to get involved with soundtracks whether it was performing on tracks or scoring films under his company Theme Song.

“It was a natural progression. I done a lot with films and I wanted to edit my own property,” Robinson said of founding Theme Song, which scored “Fat Albert.”

On “Dreamgirls” not only was he known for playing C.C. White alongside an ensemble cast (Beyoncé, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson) but for his live performance at the Academy Awards when he performed his nominated track “Patience,” from “Dreamgirls” soundtrack.

Robinson continues to push his music as he contributed to what he calls an “underrated” soundtrack for “Saints & Sinners” and last year when he released his debut R&B album “Love Episodic.”

“The response is great,” Robinson said of his album. “Its a real R&B album.”

While R&B has not been mainstream he credits Bruno Mars for bringing it back as he knows its a genre people want.

“People want to come hear it live,” he said. “I’m always down to push envelope.”

Going further with music Robinson is seeking to drop a mixtape this May that will include trap sounds with the likes of Logic, Drake and Meek Mills. This new project will embody the alter ego of his last album “Love Episodic.”

“Music is my first love,” Robinson said.“[I want to] make as much music as I can.”

By Gino Terrell

This article is also published in Creative Unity.


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