Swinging, dancing and cartwheeling across the floor, Noah shines in his starring debut.

Noah_1001 Arabian Nights_Circus Juventas
Noah playing Aladdin in 1001 Arabian Nights presented by Circus Juventas summer 2015 (photo: Gino Terrell Photography).

Circus Juventas performer Noah stars in 1001 Arabian Nights as Aladdin (August 2015). Playing the lead for a Circus Juventas production for the first time he was even given the freedom to incorporate some of his own dance moves. The bold decision paid off as it kept the crowd entertained. Sent off with a standing ovation during roll call, his performance was more than just a job well done. It was astounding.

“The best break-dancer I know,” fellow performer Danny said of Noah.

Coming out of high school Noah was a dance instructor. He decided to join the circus to learn acrobatic dancing. Prolonging his stay, he was given the opportunity to join the cast in the 2014 summer show. A year later he found himself as the lead. So what kept him coming back well after he learned acrobatic dancing?

“Whenever I do something or learn a new skill I usually get bored and I like quit,” Noah said, “but with Circus it’s such a good atmosphere and its things that nobody else does.

“It’s your own individual passion…so I really love coming here every day, training and getting stronger.”

Noah Circus Juventas
Aladdin (Noah) across from Jasmine in 1001 Arabian Nights presented by Circus Juventas (photo: Gino Terrell).

All the training paid dividends with a lights out performance as Aladdin. While enjoying working with the cast and starring in the reoccurring show for a month he anticipated a great training season ahead.

While he has found a great atmosphere to learn and grow under he recommends other performers to join Circus Juventas.

“I really encourage anyone else who wants to come here and train,” he said. “This show has really been a blast.”

By Gino Terrell


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