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Something I’ve realized lately is that the more clarity you have in your life, the better it is. Our youth experience so much pressure from so many sources like family, friends, social media, school and other activities in today’s society. To be truly great at something means you have to spend as much energy and effort on that one passion as possible. I’ve often felt that I’ve spread myself thin by trying to be great at too many things at once, and then ending up doing the least to avoid the pressure. Many young people fall into anxiety and depression by doing just that. I believe a lot of the mental health issues young adults face today could’ve been avoided, had we just had the opportunity relax our minds more.

As we grow up we focus on school and after school activities, we also have to do our homework. Then when we are old enough it’s time for a job in addition to that, in order to earn money for further education and/or social occasions. We get dragged in so many directions at once that it sometimes feels impossible to keep up. Being with yourself alone and getting to know yourself without a phone and without constant noise from the outer world is essential. Especially when all the choices you suddenly have to take comes hitting your face out of the blue. “What do you want to become?” “What path are you taking next?” “What school are you going to?”

If you then haven’t had the time to get to know yourself and what you want from your life, then you’ll experience a panic greater than necessary. Waiting to make the choices might be crucial too because you might end up in the “money trap”. You’ll take a year for work to figure it out and before you know it that year has passed and you still have no idea what the f*** you’re going to do. Chances are, you haven’t saved that much money either.

I’d suggest to trust your intuition and be more aware of what gives you energy instead of taking it. Dropping one of many things on your plate in order to have more clarity and a better focus is a positive thing. Some folks will be mad at you because it doesn’t go according to their plan, but that’s not your problem. Your problem is you, and as long as you’re not happy, the rest of your life will slowly fall apart. Be pro-active in your life, listen to yourself and take yourself seriously. It will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders.


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