“Small Talk” is turning out large quantities of listeners with over 50,000 hits on Spotify.

Singer and songwriter Juliana Hale, known as an “adversity slayer,” is slaying her music dreams. After releasing her four-track EP “Small Talk” this past spring, her track, which the EP is named after, is getting a lot of buzz on Spotify. Seeing the track streamed over 50,000 times with “Mannequin” wheeling in an additional 12,000 plus views amazes Hale.

“I’m truly grateful to you guys for listening. I know I post a streaming update pretty often, but I’m honestly just so stoked that people are continuing to listen to my song, it legitimately means everything to me. Next goal 100k! ,” Hale posted on Facebook for her fans Monday, July 2.

Hale has also been staying busy this summer. On Friday, July 6, she performed after Halsey during the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan.

“Michigan, I think we found some Common Ground 🖤 you guys were so much fun, thank you ✨,” Hale captioned an Instagram post the morning after the show.

While Hale continues to make her dreams come true, read all about how she overcame a period where her vocal cords were wrecked to only comeback with a voice stronger than ever.


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