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There Is No Such Thing As Thin Privilege

People are born with all different body shapes, and some people are more naturally thin than others, but anyone can work to change their body into what they want it to be. You are not shackled to your fat, using the word privilege does not cover up the fact that what goes into your body is your choice. Making the choice to eat food that is unhealthy for your body on a regular every day basis is not society’s fault. Hiding behind words and blaming everyone else is not going to fix the problem, if you do not like how your body appears, work to change that.

The definition of thin privilege according to the Urban Dictionary is, “The concept where overweight and obese Tumblr users (usually white women, but not limited to race, gender, or sex) whine about how being fat is equal to the years of oppression similar to racism.” That being the first definition of thin privilege that comes up yet, it goes on to give several other definitions, “In theory, this is the “privilege” that thin people earn for being thin, including not being perceived as lazy, lower healthcare costs, increased likelihood of finding a sexually attractive partner, increased earnings potential, and more.”  The first definition of thin privilege is blunt and rude but that is an accurate definition of thin privilege, however, due to the second definition being more detailed, that one shall be referred to more.

With it being a privilege to be thin, it seems important to give the diction definition of what privilege is, rather than twisting the original definition to help my narrative. The dictionary definition of privilege is as follows, “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people”. Being thin is not “available only to a group of people”, being thin is achieved through a healthy diet and exercise.

There are a number resources out there to help maintain a healthy way of life with blogs on social media detailing easy ways of preparing a quick healthy meal to apps with their soul function is to help keep track of how much you have exercised and push to increase it. People can achieve these goals and body images if they work at it, people don’t just getting handed six packs. The amount of work you put in equals the result you get out of it, so if you try you can archive.

To end here, it should be encouraged that each person take full responsibility and accountability for their own choices of how they use or abuse their own bodies. We only have one flesh suit in this life and there is no need to take it to an early grave for something that can be controlled by every individual.

Do you have any helpful suggestions or tips for how to help people gain back control of their own weight?



    • Immanuel Jones

      I thought it was a good article, I think skinny people do get preferred seating in venues and some clothing companies don’t even make Jean sizes past a certain size.

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