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Genital Mutilation Needs to Stop

People alter their body, their form, because it is they choice and/or their doctors on some need/ want to fix their bodies. However, there are children scattered across the globe that are having their bodies malformed in the area of their genitals for no medical reason or consent. This process is called genital mutilation, commonly known as Female Genital Mutilation or FGM. The definition from the World Health Organization refers to it is, “comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons”. The process though it is most well-known referring to girls, make no mistake that this is also happening to boys.  The process of genital mutilation for boys is best known as Male Circumcision, which is defined by the dictionary as, “Surgical removal of the end of the foreskin of the penis”. For both this process is not necessary on the ground of medical practice, there is no medical reason to alter these children’s genitals.

It is key to noticing the word choice in these descriptions, for Female Genital Mutilation, the words make no attempt to hide the atrocity or cruelness that is done, this act of violence toward little girls. The word of mutilation, which is defined as follows “inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on”. The word choice makes sure to live up to the acts done to this girls, whereas the Male Circumcision, does not seem to quite live up to the unnecessary acts of brutal violence done to these little boys.

This is important to remember because though surgery’s and procedures have been done time and time again for personal satisfaction, all of these people were old enough to consent to the surgery, fully aware of what was happening to their body and, was in full control of deciding what happened to their body. These children around the world do not get that option, they are not old enough to consent to what is being done to their own bodies.  FGM is described as a “violation of the human rights of girls and women” from the World Health Organization. Mind you, this is also a violation of the rights of the little boys that are being deprived of their vote in what happens to their own genitals.

Out of all the horrors of the world, it is sad to think children are not spared of these. Please attempt to focus on the real violence of the world in order to hopefully put an end to it.


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  • Timothy Monk Edwards

    I really love this article and feel it was very informative, however, I think there should have been more of a resolve in the conclusion. The issue of female genital mutilation is without doubt a terrifying horror of this world and our society, but there are plenty of organizations who are helping it become less acceptable by large.

    You as a plaform dedicating time and energy into writing about something is helping make a change, so I don’t want to take away from the intent of this post as a whole, but ending an article with “Please attempt to focus on the real violence of the world in order to hopefully put an end to it.” feels lazy to me. The writer clearly lost motivation or momentum when writing the final paragraph in my opinion.

    Blessings to the all readers as well as the writer.

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