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Opinion: “The FAILURE to protect and serve with discipline”.

This spring, Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council reconfirmed Velma Korbel to head the civil rights department at the Minneapolis Police Department, despite only 10 complaints lodged against officers out of over 1,800 complaints made during her leadership tenure resulting in disciplinary action.

Yesterday, the Minneapolis Police Department Transit Police dragged an African American woman off the bus, demanded her ID, then when she pulled it out the officer slammed her against a bus stop.

We have only seen part of the encounter, as the only footage to surface was from that of someone who came upon the scene already in progress. The officer and his partner then appear to tase the woman repeatedly.

This is just one more scandal to add to the growing list of Minneapolis Police Department scandals, and a mounting record of people of color and other marginalized communities being victims of police brutality and abuse.

When will the Minneapolis City Council remove Korbel from her position, and replace her with someone who will protect the citizens of Minneapolis from a police force that violates people’s rights with impunity?

By: Andrew Van Hauer


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