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An Anti-Social Halloween

For those of you who are anti-social or have no energy for any type of social gatherings (just like me), here are some tips to get you through Halloween! First of all, when Halloween is on a weekday it just prolongs the Halloween festivities which can be fun but this also means that you are getting invited to like twenty different parties—the weekend before and after Halloween—not to mention the day of. It can be exhausting to turn down all of those invitations. If you are an expert at getting out of social gatherings like me, then you can just finish this article with a laugh or two. If you are not—here are a list of excuses and what else you could be doing to still enjoy this Halloween! Just because someone is anti-social or has no energy for social gatherings doesn’t mean that they don’t want to celebrate the holiday…sometimes it does. But I do personally love Halloween. I love horror movies, cookies, peoples creative costume ideas, candy, and just the overall spookiness that comes with the day—especially if you are alone.

First let’s get out of this social gathering invite from the friend or family member because you have been working your ass off, have been dealing with some dumbass at work, are in school and don’t have the energy for people, or you just plain don’t want to be around a single person.

  1. The Honesty Approach: this is where you are completely honest with the person who asked you. For example you say, “I don’t want to come,” or “I don’t have the energy to come.”
  2. The Sickness: this is where you either lie or tell the truth about how you feel and that you have no energy for anything. You say, “my illness is flaring up,” or “I never got the flu shot and now I have the flu because I am a dumbass.” Or something like that.
  3. Other Plans: this is where you def lie and tell them that you have other plans the same night as their party but in reality you are going to be home alone with your cats.
  4. Family Emergency: this is where you lie to your friends or tell the truth about a sudden family emergency. Like last year, my dad was in the hospital over Halloween. So I told people I couldn’t come because my dad was in the hospital but I didn’t even visit him. Because f*ck toxic family members.
  5. Work Late: you can lie about having to work late on Halloween because it is during a weekday this year or you could just work late…get dem extra $$$!

I am sure I could bore you with many many excuses that I have made to get out of social gatherings. But my default is the honesty approach—especially when it is with friends. Personally, I do go to small gatherings which means there is no more than four people (including yourself). This entire topic of getting out of social gatherings has practically come down to a science. If it truly was—it’d be the first time I would get an A in science.

I digress.

Here are a list of things that you could be doing on Halloween instead of going to those big scary social gatherings.


  1. If you are into scary movies find a good movie or series to start with Huluween or Netflix and Chills!
  2. Dress your animals up in costumes and start an insta for them—if you’re into that.
  3. Even if you are not into horror movies or series, there are PLENTY of Disney Halloween Movies and series—Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus!
  4. Buy some “Halloween” candy! Eat dat chocolate.
  5. Do absolutely nothing—sleep.
  6. Play Fortnite and use the Halloween skin for your avatar.
  7. Re-watch The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Z Nation—get your zombie on!
  8. Take some time to release your emotions in a health way—such as yoga, meditation, crying or masturbating…

Whatever works for you, just simply enjoy your Wednesday Halloween!


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