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Halloween: A Review

Laurie is back and has many tricks up her sleeve this Halloween as she fights off an old yet stronger than ever Michael Meyers as he comes for her and her family. That’s right the Halloween franchise has done it again. They are back and better than ever. Enough with the cheesy review lines though. As I arrived at the Duluth theater the Saturday before this Wednesday’s Halloween night, I was excited to see this new film but also nervous that it may not live up to the standards of not only the original Halloween but the entire successful franchise. This is the kind of weight I put on my movie franchises as I am a major movie lover—not to mention major horror movie lover.

This is perhaps one of Jamie Lee Curits’ best performances in this franchise. Curtis keeps the title of Queen of Horror just as her mother, Janet Leigh, did in the original Hitchcock Pyscho film. The bright lit flame torch is definitely passed on in this generation of female actors. And as an audience member of these horror classics—I am truly honored just to see these A+ performances.

SPOILER ALERT: this may contain spoilers!

Laurie has been preparing herself and family for the untouchable Michael’s return—since the last time he was there traumatizing her. She may be older and have a daughter and granddaughter to protect this year but this doesn’t make her any less tactical. She has been waiting her entire life for Michael to escape so she can kill him herself. That is probably one of the best lines of the entire film and the most empowering one as well. She has also taught her daughter, played by the wonderful Judy Greer, many self-defense techniques, including how to handle a weapon and acting skills to fool Michael into a trap. Either way she is almost as impressive as her mother, Laurie, who did all she could to prepare her ungrateful daughter for Michael’s possible return.

The film also shows you how the traumas Michael brought to Laurie has affected her through the years as she has practically barricaded herself in a house in the middle of the woods. This is a very important key to reality. As someone who has faced many traumas, I was pleased in a way to see that they showed the panic attacks, paranoia and many other side effects of PTSD and trauma in this film. It helps raise some important issues that many Americans face—especially with all of the violence that has been going on—just this past weekend.

The “new Loomis,” as Laurie so hilariously pointed out in the film, is Michael’s new protective psychiatrist. When I say protective, I mean protective of Michael. I also need to add that he is no Loomis. Dr. Loomis is Michael’s original doctor in the first movie of the franchise, Loomis was also protective of Michael but in a caring unselfish way. This “new Loomis” is protective of Michael in an unsettling and selfish way. This “new Loomis” wants to know exactly what is going through Michael’s head when he is killing but that is difficult to do when Michael doesn’t speak at all. You will have to watch the movie to watch the most insane scenes unfold between Michael and Dr. “new Loomis.” His character doesn’t deserve to be given his real name, I am with Laurie! “New Loomis…”

This 2018 film that may or may not end the franchise still had a lot of John Carpenters, the original Halloween Director, spooky feel. The music, filming, dialogue, the obscurity and the random murders were all in this new film. But this doesn’t mean that 2018 had its own twists added to the mix. There were some murders so gruesome that the film doesn’t even show the audience what happened—this leaves us to our own imaginative horror. The audience should be well aware of the previous movies and shouldn’t need to see all the murders because we know just how tantalizing Michael can be. There are some scenes that leave you speechless or just plain cussing at the stupidity of the characters. But it wouldn’t be a horror film without stupid characters, haunted music, or predictable outcomes.

It wouldn’t be a horror film without the comic relief! There are new characters that provide the comic relief as well as some killer lines from Laurie—like “new Loomis.” That make the audience feel like they are a part of this movie franchise because we keep returning to the theaters to see these films or we keep rewatching them at this time every year. So of course we get those jokes that reference the first original film!

The movie indeed has a few predictable outcomes like “they are going to die” type of outcomes but the during the movie you just wonder what kind of plan Laurie has, as she seems to be one step ahead of Michael. Laurie even takes a hard beating from Michael but this doesn’t stop her from saving her daughter and granddaughter. The movie has a somewhat satisfying ending but it still leaves a lot of unanswered questions—one of them being if there will in fact be another movie added to this remarkable franchise.


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