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Tips for having a fangtastic evening while staying in for Halloween

For those of us who wish to stay in on this chilling night of all hollows eve, in this case a Wednesday, consider the ten following suggestions to make your night Spooktacular. These may help turn your night in on this grime night of scares and terrors into a fangtastic evening filling with blood punch and Corpse Bride playing on the TV.

The first suggestion in this list is to have your movie secular picked out. So, when you settle down for the night after work, or school, or anything, you can turn on the TV and get the movie marathon started without the hassle of going through the DVDs or VRC collection. Alternatively, more likely having to scroll through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

The second suggestion is to decorate your living area to the most gruesome detail! Pumpkin lights and plastic skulls can at least set more of the festive mood, even without having to walk out the front door. In order to fully get into the Halloween spirit, one can not have too many plastic ghosts, or skeleton hangs dangling from the ceiling.

The third suggestion of the night is to have some fun and tasty snacks to eat while staying in your den of solitude for the night of the witching hour. Everything is better with snacks, but maybe don’t eat them during the scary bits of the movie or your stomach may not be so happy with you. The snacks of the night can be anything from microwave popcorn, to take out, to cookie dough left in the freezer. Anything your little-frozen heart desires on this night of screams shall arrive with the right spell and human sacrifice.

The fourth suggestion is to invite some friends over if you feel they will be ok with staying in for the night. It could be fun to have some fangtastic friends over to enjoy this spooky evening of Halloween fun. Someone to enjoy in the music, food, and thrills of the night. Moreover, is it always best to have someone to outrun when someone ax murder is chasing you because you do not have to outrun the murderer, you have to outrun the friend!


The fifth suggestion is to have a wicked music playlist already picked out, so the evening of screams can start off with a nice screeching beat. Having a playlist would help get the right mood in order to enjoy this creepy night of horrors. It can be nice background music to avoid the eerie quiet, or it can be something to show off those dance moves.

The sixth suggestion is to leave a tray of candy on your doorstep possibly, so the small children do not always ring your doorbell at night. With the lights being in, children will assume your home and able to hand out candy whether your willing to or not. So leaving a tray out will send away any annoying knocking on doors or communicating with the little angels or devils at your doorstep.

The seventh suggestion is to be in a somewhat spooky attire, even if its skulls on your onesie PJ’s at least it will be festive and fun for a night indoors. There is no need to wear painful heels or itchy stockings; you can wear a cape and fuzzy pumpkin socks if that is what you so desire for the night in!

The eighth is to try and have a good scare, even if it is from a TV screen pop out, it is Halloween after all. The scare can be anything from listening to ghost stories from friends, watching a movie based on “true events” or just sitting through a horror movie. Also, the best part is you can always leave the lights in if your scared of what’s under your bed!

The ninth tip of the night is to be safe and lock all your doors and windows even when the evening comes to an end. It is Halloween after all, so better to be safe than sorry and make sure that safety is a top priority.

The last tip of the evening, number ten is to check under all the beds, basements, closets, and dark hallways for things lurking in the dark! It is best to have guests in the house only if you invite them yourself and not to find them hunched under the bed, watching for the right time to introduce themselves.

Those are all the tips for having a frightfully fun evening indoors on Halloween, so whatever you choose to do make sure you know where all the exits are and don’t smile at strangers standing on street corners!


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