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What Happened to America?

It’s been just over two years since Donald Trump took over this proud nation. Now, I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and heartbroken to say I’m an American. This country has always been a land of hope and new beginnings. That is what we are built on. That is what our founding fathers fought for. They would be furious if they saw us now.

I sit and watch the news as things become more and more unsettling. First, Donald Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate deal, he took away DACA, he pulled us out of the Iran deal and abused his power in so many ways. I watch it all happen in front of me and it moves me to tears. The worst thing is that I feel helpless to stop it.

I’ve done whatever I can, signed petitions, posted about it on social media, even donated to some democratic campaigns for a few months. The sad thing is that it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Millions of other Americans feel the same. We feel trapped, we are a captive audience that can only watch as everything our country is proud of is demolished and hate and fear are spread throughout the country.

Recently there was a debate… a DEBATE, about whether five-year-olds that have already been kidnapped, torn from their mothers’ arms, put into cages or concentration camps, should be allowed beds, blankets, soap, and toothpaste. This is just a disgrace and every person should be furious and appalled by this. Yet people still continue to support the man who thinks that these children are nothing more than diseased rats.

I try to keep a safe distance from it. I don’t ignore it of course. I want to stay aware of what is happening in this country, but the only way I can keep it together is by doing it through comedy. I watch late shows and youtube parodies to stay in the loop. I also am glued to every Democratic candidate running for president in 2020. I honestly don’t care which one wins. I have my favorites, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and after the second debate, I definitely like Kamala Harris. Even if none of those candidates become the main Democratic candidate, I will support whomever it is with a firey passion. I do like all the candidates, even Joe Biden would be like caviar to the cheeto in the Oval office now.

Frankly, I’m terrified of Trump beyond words. He has already brought us to the brink of war with Iran just a few days ago. And if he can be so cruel and callous about innocent children, whose to say he won’t be that way to the thousands of people who rely on the government to have food on their table, a roof over their head, and access to doctors

I am one of those people. I get a total of $700 a month to live off of from Social Security Income. I was born with a heart condition and deal with mental health issues. I was deemed disabled at age 19. As you can imagine, it is nowhere near easy to live off so little. The only way I can have a place to live is through government-funded housing and HUD. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken down into tears because I can’t figure out how to get enough food to last me through the rest of the month. I struggle especially with this because I am diabetic and have a severe gluten allergy. Gluten-free foods are impossible to come by at food banks unless you count rice, and a tiny loaf of bread costs $5. Just these past couple weeks I’ve been surviving off eggs, watermelon, and tuna.

I already struggle so much, my housing is in a dangerous area, and there have been SWAT teams that have shown up next door, but at least I have a place to live. I pay $221 in rent every month, and then, of course, being in mental health [program I have to dole out another $75 which brings my housing cost to about $300. I know that seems like nothing to a lot of people, but that means I have $400 for the rest of the month. I pay for my own phone, internet, food, household necessities, and pet supplies. By the end of the month, I barely have enough to get what I need at the store, and that’s with spending $35 a week on groceries.

I want to get a job, but it’s hard when I am not able to drive and would have to pay for Uber which I can’t afford. I can’t even afford my medication at times. My yearly income is $8,400. I’m just able to scrape by each month. The idea that that could be in jeopardy is absolutely terrifying. I can’t survive on the streets. I’m a 4′ 10″, 130 lbs, 22-year-old girl with diabetes, asthma, a heart condition, and no self-defense skills. I’m lucky enough that my mom would let me stay with her if something happened to my housing that wasn’t my fault, but most people don’t. We can’t risk anything happening t what we already have.

I’ve been afraid of that since day 1 of Trump’s presidency, and what he has done so far only stokes that fear. I urge you to not let this man stay in office for another 4 years. Every vulnerable population is under attack and he will stoop to any level. The man’s insane and is now BFF’s with the worst dictator in the world. He has concentration camps, he attacks the media and free speech, he does nothing but lies and cheats. He doesn’t care about America, he cares about power. He manipulates his followers with fear and hate towards a certain group of people and threatens other countries on a whim through a tweet.

Sound familiar? Yeah, he has reminded me of the most infamous dictator since he began his quest for the presidency. Yes, I’m talking about Hitler. Think about it and look back on his whole career as a candidate and as president. He is friends with ruthless dictators, attacks the people who call him out, attacks the press and threatens them, defends Nazis, discriminates immigrants by making people fear them, puts kids in camps without basic human needs like beds and soap, wants to build a medieval wall, walks on the constitution and breaks the law without a second thought, and he manipulates his party to be exactly like him.

I’ve seen it this whole time, and hopefully, more and more people will see it as the 2020 election comes closer. This election is going to be the most important election in our countries history./ It will decide what kinds of the country we will be. Do we stay true to what our country was built on, freedom, hope, and the pursuit of happiness? Or will we allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear and hate and turn our backs on the very basis of this country and what it means to be an American? Is the American dream going to be something that will die with our dignity?

I guarantee that there will be a war, there will be the worse treatment of immigrants and their children, and life will only become financially difficult as time goes on. How can we let that happen to us? We have been spineless and scared. It’s time we stopped being afraid, and use that fear to make a change. Right now it’s not working. There isn’t enough power and push back to take on this man who thinks he is God. We may not be able to impeach him right now. But what we can and should do is focus on the 2020 election and winning it. We can NOT let this criminal to continue his tirade on us. Speak up! Speak Out! encourage your loved ones to make the right decision and support a candidate, any candidate other than Trump, who will put us first, and bring back the lost dignity of this country! We will end this nightmare and put a stop to this disease at the heart of our country. So let us join our divided nation and defend it against the most dangerous President in the history of our country! We are better than this! We can be the change! We just have to want it and believe in it! So America, are you with me?

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