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Fortnite Season 11 Sucked Into a Black Hole!

Is Fortnite broken or was it really sucked into a black hole.

I’ve been playing Fortnite since the end of Season One and I’m entirely happy with the map being completely destroyed. It should have been destroyed with the meteor (but that’s another story).

As of now it would appear that Fortnite has been sucked into a blackhole with all the sweats and no skins. Now as I attempt to log-in nothing is happening. We are currently waiting on Fortnite to update its servers so we can see how much they really have changed the map, or haven’t.

This, of course, is a crazy move from a video game titan as big as Fortnite. Shutting the game down means they aren’t making money, and if it lasts too long they could lose players to other games.

The theory is that Fortnite is preparing for some big release for Season 11. There will be new features, a revamped map, and who knows what else… But since Fornite hasn’t released any information we all waiting to load in.

I want to know what you all think is going to happen? Do you think this season will be trash? I’m praying for new dances, better emotes, and of course a better battle pass system.

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