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Season 11 Fortnite Black Hole Rant

If you’re just getting home you’ve probably notice that when you logged into Fortnite you seen character got sucked into a blackhole and your screen just … well, didn’t do anything. Nothing loaded. Nada…. Well, you can play a mini-game.

I’ve been having problems with the way EPIC Games has handled it’s release of new content since the end of season one, but the way it’s handling the release of Season 11 and this big black hole on my T.V. is grinding my gears.
I’ve always asked myself why doesn’t Fortnite take the time to release it’s content on weekends, particularly on Saturdays–or better yet Friday evening, when users are able to get their new content and grind away all weekend.

The fact that Fortnite is releasing it’s Season 11 on Sunday evening is a horrible idea if you ask me — I’ve seen Fortnite release new battle passes at the beginning of academic semesters, during midterms and the list goes on…and every time this happens I have to make a decision if I’m going to be one of the last people to check out this new content, and since I typically am, I always show up to new places and get my ass handed to me or have to sweat the entire match.

What do you think about Fortnite season 11 Black Hole?

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