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Vegan Protein Mini Pan- and Cupcakes

I woke up to the first snowfall this morning and realized that the cosy season has officially begun. I decided to cook a comforting and protein rich breakfast, hence my mission to build lean muscle and stay healthy. Keep in mind that I didn’t start off with any recipe, and there are plenty of ways you can change it up if you have different needs than me. For example, if you care more about the taste than your protein intake, you can change it up and add more sweetener (or even berries) to the mixture and cut down on the protein powder. With that being said, my original recipe ended up as a delicious meal, well enjoyed with my first cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re interested in the recipe on my vegan protein mini cupcakes/pancakes, then please keep on reading.


1 Banana

2 tbs Stevia Sweetener

1 Serving vegan protein powder

2 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs Hemp protein

2 tbs Cacao powder

1 dl Whole wheat flour

1dl Rye flour

3 to 4 dl optional vegan milk (I chose coconut milk)

How to:

  1. Mix protein powder, hemp protein, chia seeds, cacao powder, stevia and milk together. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes, because the chia seeds need to swell, and they work as glue to the mixture since we don’t use eggs.
  2. Cut the banana into pieces and add it to the bowl with the rest of your ingredients. Mix it.
  3. If needed, add more milk. We want a thick and creamy consistency.
  4. Cook in the pan on medium heat if you want pancakes, or in a cupcake machine/ oven if you want cupcakes.

  1. Decorate and serve.

  1. Enjoy with your favorite spread. I didn’t have peanut butter today, but I believe it would go along perfectly with these.

The best part of it all, it looks and tastes unhealthy but it’s actually super-food for your body. You can’t start your Sunday morning in a much better way. Your muscles will love you for eating this.


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