7 Ways To Spice Up Your Look This Fall

Looking better is not as difficult as many people think. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on designer brands or spend hours tracking . Everyone has the ability to enhance their look if they use a few simple tricks. The little changes in style make a huge difference, and fall is the best time to add cute and cozy accessories.

Do you want to spice up your look as you head into fall? Here are my top seven tips that take a little effort and make a world of difference.

1. Try A Faux Bob

Cutting your hair into a bob is a huge commitment. If you’re like me and want to change your hairstyle but don’t want to give up those beautiful long locks, you must try the Faux Bob. Get ready to be bombarded with compliments for this chic hairstyle. There are tons of tutorials on pinterest and youtube, but here’s a quick overview of how it works:

2. Put On A Scarf

Putting on a scarf is not only practical as the weather turns cold; this cute accessory is in style everywhere this time of year. It is so easy for you to wrap a scarf around your neck as you head outside (or head inside your chilly office building). Plus, it’s the perfect blend of classy and casual. You’ll feel warm and cozy while upping your fashion game at the same time.

3. Slip Your Feet Into Some Fun Socks

Trying a pair of fun socks is a whimsical way for you to show off your style without straying too far outside of your jeans and t-shirt comfort zone. It’s also easy to build up a good sized collection on a budget. This pop of style is there to give you a burst of confidence and originality. So try some different styles and have fun!

4. Rock All Bandanas

Bandanas are versatile in their use. They can be worn as scarves, bracelets, face masks, and headbands. They are a perfect pop of color and are absolutely adorable. Be inventive and look for different ways to wear bandanas until you find the perfect style for you.

5. Put On A Belt

A nice belt ties a look together. Putting on a belt makes you look like the mature, classy adult and powerful boss you are. It works best when you tuck in your shirt, but it is always a choice accessory. Start with something simple, like the black belt shown below, and experiment with creative styles.

6. Slip Some Shades On

The sun still comes out in the fall! Around this time of year, I opt for muted tones to fit my outfit. Even on an overcast day, you can perch a pair of sunglasses on top of your head in lieu of a headband for a powerful statement piece.

7. Pull Hair Back With a Headband

Long hair, short hair, it doesn’t matter! Everyone can benefit from a cute headband. There is one to compliment every style, from a cute sundress to a blazer and slacks. It’s a quick, easy way to spice up your hairdo and draw attention to your gorgeous face without being a professional stylist. There is a headband for everyone, so you can’t go wrong with this accessory.


These are some of many ways you can change your look as the season changes. It’s easy to try any of these ideas without breaking the bank or committing to a long term style change.

Have you tried any of these? Drop a picture in the comments!

And don’t forget to let us know if you have any ideas to spice up your look that we missed!

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