How The Climate Change “Hoax” Almost Killed Me

If you’ve been following the news lately, you know that the world of politics is in complete chaos. From the impending release on the Russia/Trump collusion report, the fight over the border wall, immigrant children being separated from their families, people in office being put in jail left and right, hush money payments, declaration of […]

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Absolutely Take That Risk

It’s hard to know what that aching feeling in your chest is when everything is going well… I discovered by writing this that I needed a purpose, a role to take on, I needed to do something that mattered to me. I couldn’t just sit by and keep trying to tell myself that life was going great when it really wasn’t. I thought long and hard and finally figured out what I needed.

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The True Reason for the Season

When early Christians came to areas with paganism as its main spirituality they were dead set on converting everyone from their pagan ways. There are many holidays in the pagan calendar and they were a big part of the culture. So to try to make these holidays fit with Christianity, they took them and made their own story to go along with the day.
Since then, the original holidays have been lost and no one really knows the true origins of our beloved holidays.
“Christ’s mass” is never mentioned in the Bible, nor any other holidays. Our traditions all have pagan roots.

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