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    5 Essential Tips to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

    Love- it’s a tricky thing… especially when you decide to do it with someone that isn’t in the same town, state or even, like me, the same country. Evan (Canadian) and I (Australian) met in Australia and started dating about 9 months ago and in that time, we have been long-distance for a total of 5 months. So, let me fill you in on a few ways that we have managed to make surviving a long-distance relationship as bearable as possible.  Skype/ Video chat This is something I would consider absolutely essential. Talking on the phone is great and all, but there’s something still missing (obviously besides the person *IN-person.)…

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    Your 7 Step Guide to Dating a LGBTQIA+ Person

    Step 1: Do not ask me what’s in my pants. As soon as you ask that, whatever is in here, is not coming anywhere near what’s in there. Step 2: My gender is not me. My gender is only one part of my general awesomeness. So if you’re swiping right just to have that conversation about it and ask me what it is only to unmatch as soon as I fill your desire and quench your curiosity, let’s just not. Research is a thing people. Let’s. Do. It. Step 3: My body is mine, and my relationship with it is not your relationship with it. You may like my breasts, and my curves, and my butt…