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    My Coming Out Journey

    I hope all of you had a fantastic pride month! I have seen so much support online just this week. I didn’t even know that June was pride month! Which is a great surprise because my birthday is in June! My birthday and pride month are the same. Lucky me! I realized that I have never shared how I came to find out I was gay to anyone. Not even myself. It took me awhile to piece all the signs in my life together, that I now know were because I like girls. It was only last year that I came out on Facebook to my Catholic family and friends.…

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    Writing a Book in April; Follow up

    As I mentioned previously, I’m taking April to take part in a National Novel Writing Month challenge to write my non-fiction book–I am finishing a partially written personal memoir–over the course of 30 days. Here’s my update on this emotional and educational journey. Week one went overall pretty smoothly, as to be expected when starting a new challenge. I had a couple of pretty heavy writing days, so I could afford to slack off for a couple of days. On day three, I realized there was no way I could squeeze 33,000 words into a measly five chapters that I had not written yet. I came to the conclusion that…